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Yel Inoo
Title: 5 times Makoto stopped Haru from stripping + 1 time he didn't
Author: Yel
Type: Drabble
Pairing: MakoHaru (Tachibana Makoto x Nanase Haruka)
Genre: Friendship, Fluff
Disclaimer: Boys are not mine, they belong to each other
Synopsis: Refer to the title
Note: Because we can't get enough of MakoHaru love from the anime Free! :)))))

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Yel Inoo
The previews for Fukkatsu LOVE are out but I'll only share the preview on ZIP


File Size: 36MB
File Extension: .mp4


Fukkatsu LOVE will be used for Ohno-san's new drama.
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Yel Inoo
01 February 2016 @ 10:12 am
Okay lol sorry about the title but I really do need your help lol

Hello. To those who will be able to see this on your feed, I have a question.

I was wondering what were your questions about JUMP (anything like "who the hell is Yamada Ryosuke?" or "what the hell is the difference b/w HS7 and HSB?") when you first entered the fandom?

I'm actually starting on a small project lol and your questions/comments will be credited when I'm done gathering a specific amount of questions xD

Thank you very much in advance :))))
Yel Inoo

The said picture was posted on twitter last January 26.
As you can see, Inoo’s surrounded by girls and alcohol perhaps. Goddamn that side profile is so hot haha

For me, there’s nothing to fuss about in this picture. I actually heard about this from my friend that Inoo went to a hostess club. I was actually proud at first because all those allegations about him being gay will finally be cleared haha. (Come on he’s a guy for crying outloud!) Plus, it’s rare for him to have papapics nowadays!

And I think his latest papapic when JUMP was in Saipan for their calendar shooting LOL


Actually, I wasn’t able to see the picture not until last January 27. I actually find him bored in the "controversial" picture or is it just me?
His expression here is the same with his mood/expression on their last MSta performance of chau# (where, let’s admit that it was a very busy time for him since he have his stageplay and shooting for Tatakau).
He’s so different from his usual bubbly self when performing ;;___;;
(Watch JUMP’s performance on MSta last Sept. 1, 2015 and you’ll understand me)


Btw, some were able to point out that it was not actually a hostess club but a karaoke place instead
(Why didn’t Takaki invite you to his cabaret place instead? Haha)
So I’m actually laughing at the other people who got so heartbroken and emotional because of the picture LOL sorry not sorry


I suddenly remembered his latest interview where he said that it’s obvious when girls have hidden motives or intentions and I don’t know but this picture is a clear example (I’m just delusional haha) so maybe that explains his this-is-so-boring-what-the-hell-I’m-doing-here look.


Looking at the picture again, there’s nothing really weird or steamy about it. Just a 25-year-old adult (being an adult for pete’s sake!) having some fun (? Because it doesn’t look like it to me haha) with girls and maybe, some other guys inside a normal karaoke room.
I don’t see any problem with this because he’s practically an adult and he can hang out with anyone even if it’s girls or gays (Remember the issue about Hiromi from Hiromi&Fukami twins?).

The people he goes or hangs out with doesn’t make who he is as a person. He’s still Kei Inoo.


To be honest, I really do hope that he goes out more (have more karaoke sessions like this because we don’t know that maybe he’s looking for a girlfriend haha) and meet a lots of people so that his horizon will expand even more. Also, I admire whoever took this photo because if it was me, I’d be nervous as hell haha. (Btw, I just got a little sad but not because he’s hanging out with girls but I was hanging on to this thin threads of hope that he and Nao Minamisawa has a romantic relationship haha)


Anyway, I still love you Inoo haha. You’re still my ichiban among the rest. (and crappy issues like this doesn’t affect me in any way or whatsoever haha)

P.S. I actually laughed so hard when I heard about this news. I even bought a cake dammit.
P.P.S. I know this is a late reaction. I don’t have internet in my dorm orz but I typed this last January 27 and only got the time to post it today :p

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Yel Inoo
13 December 2015 @ 02:14 pm

Hi! Out of boredom, I cut every member's solo line 「君がNo.1」in Kimi Attraction!
You can use it whenever you like. Enjoy!

DL Links:
I uploaded them all in Mediafire~

Inoo part
Chinen part
Hikaru part
Yuto part
Yabu part
Keito part
Takaki part
Daiki part
Yamada part
All members (.rar file)

Drop down a comment if taking. Comments are very much appreciated!

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