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20 August 2016 @ 10:33 pm
current addictions  
Focused on Seiyuus and Anime. Tbh, I started out with them before discovering JPOP and JE so.... it's just I focused on them more now.

I am also being a trash for stageplays and musicals. I really like Kenta Suga from Narusute and Haisute! I am actually Tatsunari Kimura-baited but I unexpectedly fell in love with Kenta. I also like Ryotaro Kosoka.

I am also focusing on doujinshis, manga and other BL stuff because you may not know but I am actually a full-fledged fujoahi.

I am a trash to Free! and Haikyuu!! specifically. I love sports anime. I love anything related to BL and gay indications. As of the moment, I am addicting myself with B-PROJECT.

Did I mention my favorite seiyuus are Miyano Mamoru and Tatsuhisa Suzuki?

I have to confess that I have no updates with JUMP anymore. I am also thinking of quiting JE fandom though it's kind of hard since my Facebook's full of them so I still react sometimes to anything JE-related I see in my feed.

But I am not updated anymore and I do not download videos or read translations anymore. I still like Inoo and JUMP though but I am focusing on my new interests (and old ones) right now.

So yes, bye JUMP and hi to my new-found babies.


Personal life is still both yay and nay. A lot of people wants to meet me. Being a college student is really stressful but I guess nice in a way.

I am actually enjoying my lab classes right now. Also, I am close to being an adult legally (because I guess I am an adult mentally) since I will be turning to an adult next year.

I guess that's all?
Thanks for reading if you ever saw this.

P.S. I am too tired to update my introduction post lol
P.P.S. I met Alan Shirahama's sister, Loveli, in personal!!! I even got a photo and sign from her. I even gave gifts to her and her brother. (Maybe I will make a separate post for the whole experience. It was so magical and fulfilling!)

Kirie: ccskiriezero on August 22nd, 2016 09:12 pm (UTC)
a fellow fujoshi fangirl!!! ^--^/ *hi-five*
I'm also really into anime right now... and just as you, I was into that waaaaay before I even knew what JE was :P
But I don't think you have to "leave" a fandom, why would you delete all the good memories from your pages? didn't you have fun all these years? if you still react then there's no reason to "leave" anything, just take it easy and take "vacations" from downloading and actively following... you never know if something new of them catch your interest in the future ;)
I remember someone from Arashi fandom who "left" saying "I'm over them" and I found it pretty ungrateful at the time... years later the person was back as if s/he didn't say a thing XD