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20 March 2016 @ 10:21 pm
fanfic update + life  
This journal will be under construction. All fanfics will be on my A03 account. I am actually thinking of rewriting most of my fanfics before posting it there so all of my ongoing fanfics here will be stopped and I will start a new page on A03. I will now open my fanfics to public. The reason why I f-locked it on the first place is because of a certain site that reposts fanfics w/o the writers' permission. I also realized that people who add me because of my fanfics, will see my very random and complicated personal life which I always f-locked so instead of adding me, you can now all see my fanfics because as I mentioned awhile ago, all of my fanfics are now public.

Anyway, college life is both yay and nay. 
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